KayVin Capital makes your life super easy.

Finding Financial Solutions


Detailed stats on demand

With us your dream products are our priority. Our products range from Electrical/ gas home appliances, gadgets to exclusive small business appliances.


We specialize with top brands products, some of the brands are techno gas, Bosch, Asus, Lenovo, and Snow master.

How It Works

With easy and convenient online application, you can apply for your finance loan at the comfort of your own home and only supply us with your original supporting documents for final assessment and approval.


Pricing & Plans

We offer competitive prices on our products and low interest rates on our loans

We also offer long and short term loans.


Our Products

View our extensive Product Catalogue and choose which product best suits your needs


Loans & Finance

Apply for a finance loan of up to R230 000 and also get an option to consolidate some of your debts. It is quick and easy.

About Us

We are an independent marketing company that is affiliated to various financial institutions and products supplier companies.

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